Quiz: Stop Thumbelina!

That rascally little girl no bigger than a human thumb wants to go off and find her Fairy Prince Cornelius. You know that's a dumb plan and there's no way she's going to succeed. It's up to you to stop her!

Note: You need to have Javascipt enabled in order to take this quiz.

1. Hello, how are you?
Okay, I guess.
I'm great!
I'm fine, thank you, that was nice of you to ask.
On with the questions, already!

2. So why do you want to stop Thumbelina?
Just to see if I can.
Because the whole Fairy Prince thing is doomed, and it's my duty to stop her.
She's awesome and I want her for myself.
Because this quiz told me to.
So she can sing for me on cue, have you heard that voice of hers?

3. How do you plan to stop her?
By explaining to her in the simplest terms that it's really such a better idea to stay.
Lock her in a room. That'll teach her.
Offer her riches and comfort beyond her wildest imaginings.
Brute force, upfront. There's no way that little girl can stand up to me.
Target the Fairy Prince. With him out of the way, there's no reason for her to keep going.
I don't need a plan. I'll just go with the flow.

4. Is Thumbelina scared of you?
I just annoy her a little. It makes me more memorable.
She has no reason to be scared of me. I'm a nice person.
Of course not. I'm her bestest friend ever! (Trust is key.)
Maybe a little bit. It's good to instill a little fear and respect.
Yes, she's terrified of me. I've made sure of that.

5. Uh-oh, she's managed to escape anyway! What do you do?
Run after her! She mustn't get away! Never give up!
Hire some goons to capture her and bring her back to me.
Oh well, it wasn't meant to be.
She's totally not worth my time. I've got better things to do, thanks.

6. Whoops, her Fairy Prince is back in the picture, and challenges you. How do you react?
Throw money and jewels at him until he goes away.
Wait, it wasn't me! I was framed! Framed, I tell you!
I call his bluff. No way this goody-two-shoes is going to harm l'il 'ol me.
I give up. He wins.
Fight! Fight to death!
Wait, he's challenging me? Is this a joke?

7. Whoa, you actually managed to get rid of Cornelius! What do you do now?
Applaud myself, because I am awesome.
Quickly get Thumbelina... Can't let her escape again, you know?
I actually feel kinda bad now... :(
Mwahaha, Thumbelina is mine! Mine I tell you, mine!
Good show! That's one less Fairy Prince to worry about.