Pocahontas, princess of the Powhatan tribe, is the title character of the movie. Like many animated heroines, she's uncertain about the path of her life and feels that there's something greater waiting for her. She's vibrant, full of life and is filled with an incredible passion for the things she loves, so much so that she's able to make an narrow-minded explorer see the world in a completely new way.
Voiced by Irene Bedard, sung by Judy Kuhn
John Smith is destined to cross paths with Pocahontas in a meeting that'll change their lives and the lives of the people around them. Initially John seems a typical ignorant English explorer, but he soon proves that observation wrong he opens his mind to the wonders of the world. He's brave, a little crazy and capable of great love.
Voiced by Mel Gibson
Governer John Ratcliffe is a nasty not-so-little man who represents everything bad there is about the English explorers. He's focused on his own glory by obtaining the supposed "mountains of gold" buried in Virginia, and is willing to do anything, including slaughtering hundreds of supposed heathens, to get what he wants.
Voiced by David Ogden Stiers
Chief Powhatan is Pocahontas' father and leader of the Powhatan tribe. He's a kind and wise man, but when put into situations that require fierce leadership, he's there to give it. He will do what it takes to protect his people.
Voiced by Russell Means, sung by Jim Cummings
Grandmother Willow is a mythical tree spirit that watches over Pocahontas as well as many others before her. She's always a willing ear whenever Pocahontas needs one, and tends to have the right piece of advice to guide Pocahontas along her path.
Voiced by Linda Hunt
Meeko is a mischievous raccoon and Pocahontas' friend. He seems to be eating most of the time, and when he's not, he's making trouble. He thinks himself something of an adventurer, and for an animal, he's quite intelligent in making out the right and wrong of the events occurring around him. Oh, and he twists a mean braid.
Voiced by John Kassir
Flit the hummingbird is Pocahontas' other animal friend, but unlike Meeko he prefers it when Pocahontas is not getting into all sorts of trouble. He adds to the traditionalist side (alongside Powhatan and Nakoma) who wish for Pocahontas to follow the path that is expected of her.
Voiced by Frank Welker
Nakoma is Pocahontas' well-meaning best friend who seems to be the only other person of their tribe who's at all close with the free-spirited princess. She's more grounded than Pocahontas, but that's a good thing, because she's there to anchor Pocahontas and sometimes serve as her conscience.
Voiced by Michelle St. John
Thomas, the red-head cutie and one of the youngest (if not the youngest) of the English explorers. He befriends John Smith early on, and because it's his first expedition, he's somewhat naïve but has to learn to ropes pretty quickly. Personally, I can see this guy turning out to be a great leader not too long after the events of the movie.
Voiced by Christian Bale
Percy is Governor Ratcliffe's spoilt pug dog who serves as a symbolic adversary against Meeko. He's not all that bad, really.
Voiced by Danny Mann
Kocoum is the bravest of the Powhatan warriors and quite possibly the most serious. Chief Powhatan is proud of the young man and is greatly honoured by his proposal for Pocahontas' hand in marriage.
Voiced by James Apaumut Fall
Wiggins is Governor Ratcliffe's enthusiastic manservant who loves his job. On the surface Wiggins appears to be unaware of the seriousness of the situation of the English explorers vs Native Americans, but he is much smarter than he lets on.
Voiced by David Ogden Stiers
Kekata is a the wise man (or medicine man) of the Powhatan tribe. He confirmed the arrival of the White Men to their land, and it was he who saw the darkness that the explorers brought with them.
Voiced by Gordon Tootoosis
Ben is one of the English explorers, and he's almost always constantly around Lon, another English explorer. He's the one with the the unmistakable Scottish accent.
Voiced by Billy Connolly
Lon is another one of the English explorers, and he tends to hang around with Ben.
Voiced by Joe Baker
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