Memorable Moments

Here's a visual collection of various memorable moments in the movie. Not a summary of the movie itself, mind, just snapshots of specific scenes and dialogue that I enjoy.

Page 1
On the London docks - Nakoma bringing Pocahontas news
Page 2
Returning to the village - The English arrive
Page 3
Staring at the new world - At the waterfalls
Page 4
Pocahontas and John face-to-face - The first shoot-out
Page 5
Getting to know each other - Ratcliffe sets a new target
Page 6
John sneaks out to see Pocahontas - Close call with Ben and Lon
Page 7
Asking Grandmother Willow for advice - Powhatan captures John
Page 8
A tender moment in the tent - Pocahontas saves John
Page 9
The happiness is short-lived - Farewell
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