Video Game

There was a Pocahontas video game tie-in released in early 1996 by Sega Genesis, with releases for Game Boy and Playstation following a couple of months after.

The game, which is classified as an Adventure/RPG, features Pocahontas and Meeko as the playable characters. For most of the game they are together and you have take rapid turns playing them because there are certain things only Pocahontas can do, and other things only Meeko can do.

The storyline pretty much follows the movie, just with deviations in between for adventures and obstacles, whereby you go around collecting treasures and earning animal spirits to power up.

It's a pretty straightforward game, an amusing if brief deviation. It's positively ancient by today's standards but for the heck of it I downloaded the PC version and fiddled around with it for a bit. The most challenge is probably in trying to figure out exactly what you can do with the characters.

If you'd like to download the game, it's hosted at: Game Fabrique: Pocahontas.

As far as I can figure, the controls are:

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