These Moments We Share

This Pocahontas song is from the Disney Princess Tea Party album, and as with most Disney Princess songs, there's very little context. The music of this interestingly calls back to the sound of the movie soundtrack, though.

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From the great of sunrise in the sky above
'Til the shadows fall on the earth below
It's the children who teach you whatever you know
And lead you wherever you go

These moments we share just talking together
I'll keep them forever, they're sweet as can be
These moments we share just telling our stories
Our troubles and glories mean so much to me

These moments we share when no one can hear
When I open my heart with nothing to fear
They make everything better and so much more clear
I'm so glad you're there
And so glad for these moments we share

These moments we share I'll treasure forever
Remember whenever I ever feel sad
And when we can share what's hurt or upset us
What hurt or upset us is never so bad

These moments we share alone in a crowd
Have helped me grow me strong, taught me to be proud
We can tell all our secrets, with us, we're allowed
I trust you so much
And I trust in these moments we share

Thinking all the new things you've taught me to think
I'm beginning to see things you see in a blink
I feel smarter and surer and I'm on the brink
Of a new world, too, I owe all to you

These moments we share will live in my spirit
Your voice I will hear it wherever I go
When others will come to these very places
The smiles on their faces will show that they know

We were here long ago
Sharing these moments we shared

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