Ariel and me.

About this site & its mistress

I first watched Disney's The Little Mermaid at a friend's house circa 1991, and up to that point, I hadn't even heard of the movie despite the fact that I was already a sort-of follower of animated movies (including Disney). She just told me one day that I "had to" watch this movie about The Little Mermaid. I was already very familiar with Hans Christian Andersen's original tale so the happy vibes of Disney's version (especially it's ending) totally took me by surprise. After getting over the initial shock, I discovered... that I liked it. A lot. There was something about Ariel's version that just, oh, I don't know, wove me into its spell.

I got my own video of Disney's The Little Mermaid, and the few video releases of the Ariel's Undersea Adventures. When the prequel series came on telly, I watched that, too. For reasons that I still can't place my finger on, Ariel had become my favourite animated heroine. While it's true that she has her shortcomings, her spirit and energy and zest for life lead her to getting her own little spot in my heart.

Just after the release of The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, I decided to take some screencaps of the movie. Then by making the screencaps, I figured that I ought to get cracking on that Little Mermaid tribute site that I'd always wanted to do since I first discovered the basics of HTML. And so, thus was born my original tribute site: Of a little mermaid who dared to dream, which was hosted on Tripod. I had some trouble getting used to Tripod's system, so I eventually moved to Stormpages, where I changed the name of my site to Daring to Dream. Not too long after I was approached by the webhostess of, who was so awesome that she gave this site a comfortable home. In 2007 Daring to Dream moved one more time to, this move hopefully being the last.

Daring to Dream itself was built using the most simple of HTML, with the occasional help from Netscape Composer. Older screencaps used on this site were made using Genius Video Wonder Pro II V2, while newer screencaps were made using Pinnacle Studios. Physical pics that had to be scanned in were done so using my Artec scanner, other visual adjustments or creations were done using Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop. I also consider Daring to Dream a branch site of my animation collective, Clear Black Lines. Daring to Dream is purely a fansite, is not affiliated to any official dudes, and does not rake in any money for my humble fangirl self.

I suppose this is where there ought to be that little exposition of info about myself. Well, the name's Annie; I'm female, dark-haired, Asian, pale, a little too skinny and still very much a student kinda sorta grown-up. Ever since I started exploring the online world of The Little Mermaid, I discovered that there are loads of other fans out there, some of whom I've had the pleasure of interacting with, and many of whom are way more dedicated then me.

Daring to Dream has been online since 1999, and is a work of love of this one fan with a computer, with the help of many other fans out there who (hopefully) know who they are. ♥

I can be contacted at