Daring to Dream

Daring to Dream: About

Daring to Dream is a fansite run by one person (me) pretty much because I'm a fan of the 1989 movie and the franchise that spawned from said movie. This site has been up in some form since 1999, when I was in school and taught myself the basics of HTML.

The open internet was new at the time, and fansites were a-plenty, with mine being one among dozens. This site was originally titled as Of a little mermaid who dared to dream, and hosted on Tripod. I had some trouble getting used to Tripod's system, so I moved to Stormpages, where I changed the name of the site to Daring to Dream. Not too long after that, I was approached by the wonderful webhostess of radish-spirit.com, who gave this site a comfortable home. In 2007 Daring to Dream moved one more time to its current home of orcein.net, with this move hopefully being the last.

Technical stuff

Daring to Dream was originally built using basic HTML, with the occasional help from Netscape Composer. Older screencaps were taken using Genius Video Wonder Pro II V2, less-old screencaps were made using Pinnacle Studios, and once most media went digital I turned to using Media Player Classic. Physical pics that have to be scanned in were done so using my Artec scanner, other visual adjustments or creations were done using Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop. In 2022 I finally bothered upgrading the HTML to be web 2.0 responsive, with the coding done by hand with help from W3Schools.

This site has been around for a long time! Personal fansites are less a thing these days, but I love just letting Daring to Dream chug along where it is.

Plus a bit about me

My name's Annie, I'm from South East Asia, and I've been a fan of The Little Mermaid probably from the first time I watched it, which was in 1991 at the house of a friend, who had just bought the movie on VHS. Being familiar with the Hans Christian Andersen story as well as Disney animated films, I thought I knew what I was getting into, but the movie still blew me away and it's had me under its spell ever since.

It's been a pleasure being part of the online The Little Mermaid community and getting to know fellow fans through this website and the network. Worldwide accessibility to content has improved a great deal over time, but in the earlier years it was really through friends and fellow fans elsewhere that was able to get connected to materials I otherwise wouldn't have been able to reach.

I can be contacted at