Daring to Dream

Gallery: Books and Short Stories (1)

Tales from Under the Sea (1991)
This book features a pretty unique collection of short stories and poems accompanied by some lovely watercolour artwork. The scans below are only of the illustrations.

Ariel's Secret (1992)
Here's another version of the story of Ariel first discovering human things and deciding to collect them.

An Under the Sea Christmas: A Holiday Songbook (1993)
This songbook features various sheet music of Christmas classics overlaid with a story of Ariel and her family celebrating Christmas under the sea, plus some pretty unique and cool-looking artwork.

Flounder to the Rescue (1994)
Flounder is a little bereft when all his friends are busy, but he gets to do a small act of heroism all on his own.

Flounder's Gift (1994)
It's Ariel's birthday, but Flounder doesn't have a gift for her yet so he races against time to find one that will show her how important she is to him.

Ariel's New Friend (1994)
This Golden Book is a tie-in with the TV series episode Urchin, and features a slightly different way that Ariel and Urchin met and became friends.

The Best Babysitter Under the Sea (1994)
Ariel babysits a pair of naughty baby twins, and is based on/inspired by the episode Double Bubble, but slightly different.

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