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12 Days of Princess (2021)
The Christmas picturebook features a familiar Christmas carol countdown, princess style.

Dragons, Mermaids, Fairies, and More (2021)
The guide-type picturebook focuses on fantasy creatures of the animated film canon. Ariel, her sisters and Ursula are included.

Once Upon a Flower Girl (2021)
The princess picturebook is a guide of sorts for young flower girls, where the various princesses explains the duties and experiences that come with bring a flower girl at a wedding.

Tales of Courage and Kindness (2021)
This collection contains fourteen original short stories, one for each princess. Ariel's story is titled "Shine of the Sea", and in it Ariel goes on an adventure with some new merfolk friends from Pacifica, and finds something she brings back for her sisters. The scans below are of the illustrations that accompany the short story.

Kind as a Princess (2021)
A brisk junior picturebook in the style of inspirational coffee table books, with soundbites of the various types of kindness exemplified by the princesses.

Magical Worlds (2021)
A princess artbook sort of in the style of the DK essentials, but features new stylized art in depicting elements of the various princesses' worlds.

Villains: A Portrait of Evil (2021)
This villain artbook covers some classic and lesser-known villains, with a two-page spread per villain, and some of the images feature interactive flap pop-ups.

The Disney Princess: A Celebration of Art & Creativity (2020)
A princess book more for the collector, this one's one of those coffeetable books with artwork and encyclopedia-style history of the various princesses.

Will You Be My Villaintine? (2020)
Various villains offer their valentines in this junior picturebook, Ursula included.

Villains: The Wicked Collection (2020)
This collector's artbook on villains is a rather unusual in featuring beautiful, dramatic artwork printed on black pages, and including some of the lesser-known villains.

The World is Yours (2020)
This princess coffee table book features unusual art with inspiring soundbites on top.

The Disney Villain (1993)
This large coffeetable book about Disney Villains was written by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas, two of Disney's famous core animator group The Nine Old Men. It's filled with wonderful anecdotes and analysis about various classic villains characters, including Ursula.

Essential Guide (2019)
The princess' essential guide gets updated every so often, this is from the 2019 version.

Essential Villain (2020)
The villains get their own essential guide in the style of the others DK has released. Ursula has two double-page spreads.

Royally Fierce (2020)
Various princesses get bite-sized inspirational quotes in this coffee table-style picturebook.

The Castle Collection (2018)
This supersized book looks "inside" various classic castles, including Triton's underwater palace. The book includes familiar rooms from the films as well as some new ones.

Villains: The Evilest of Them All (2018)
This villains book has a four-page spread on Ursula, and aside from the usual listing out of some of her traits, tries something different with a chatlog between Ursula and her eels Flotsam and Jetsam that summarizes the film in their words.

Emoji Super-Smiley Activities (2018)
Emojis have been a thing for a while, but I guess they're leaping off digital screens into print format now? Anyway, here's the Ariel-related pages of this emoji activity book.

Disney Who's Who: An A to Z of Disney Characters (2017)
There have been encylopedias of Disney characters before, but this one, although updated all the way to Moana and contains cool tidbits here and there, is surprisingly basic and in places just plain incomplete. Same holds true for its pages for The Little Mermaid, with some minor named characters not included at all.

Disney Villains: Delightfully Evil (2016)
This pleasantly thick tome showcases the many and varied villains in the animated film canon, featuring anecdotes and artwork relating to each. Ursula has a four-page spread for her, plus she and her sidekicks are mentioned in a few other pages.

Princess Joke Book (2015)
The princesses get a joke book filled with some groan-making puns, and below are the Ariel-related pages.

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