Daring to Dream

A Little Evil

Remember how the Evil Manta was introduced in the show? As a shadowy, almost eldritch-type horror that manipulated creatures into turning on their friends? Well, we've come a long way from that, with this episode taking some surprising twists with the character, starting with the introduction of the Evil Manta's son, Little Evil.

The Evil Manta has been raising Little Evil to be just like him, teaching him ways to be bad and scary. But when Little Evil encounters Ariel by chance, Ariel sees past that to the lonely child that Little Evil is (shades of Urchin, right there) and invited him to join Sebastian's art class. Although Little Evil is a troublemaker, Ariel insists on giving him a chance.

It turns out that kindness and friendship do a great deal in derailing the Evil Manta's grooming of his son, which the Evil Manta recognizes immediately as dangerous. He tries to undo Ariel's influence by capturing her and getting his Brain Sponge to eat her imagination, but Little Evil decides to make a stand with some good old-fashioned rebelling against his father to save Ariel. Not only that, but when the Brain Sponge turns on the Evil Manta, Ariel helps Little Evil save him outright, resulting in a very stunned the Evil Manta.

Sebastian has some words of wisdom for an uninspired Ariel.

Little Evil.

Little Evil meets Ariel and Flounder.

Ariel has some ideas.

Little Evil's first time at school.

Another of Sebastian's jobs is as an art teacher.

This episode has another appearance by the sneaky Moray the Eel.

Quotable quotes

Sebastian:Ariel, I feel your statue of a square rock is coming along just fine.
Evil Manta:Today, son, we begin your lessons in evil.
Little Evil:Zappers! I wanna be just as rotten as you are, Popsie.
Evil Manta:I've told you before, Little Evil, p-leaaaase don't call me Popsie.
Little Evil:Sorry, Popsie.
Evil Manta:Nothing wrong with a parent helping his kid with his homework.
Evil Manta:[ to Little Evil ] Why don't you go outside and play with someone's mind?
Sebastian:I won't have no evil mantas in my class! Not even little evil mantas, man.
Ariel:But Sebastian, what about that famous saying, "All tings have aright to learn".
Sebastian:Who said that?
Ariel:You did, Sebastian.
Little Evil:Like my dad always says, "MUAHAHAHA!"
Little Evil:Well, I gotta go. Pops wants me home before dark.
Little Evil:So we can haunt you, give you nightmares!
Evil Manta:I'll stop that mermaid from messing with my son's mind. If anyone's gonna be messing with minds, it's gonna be me.
Evil Manta:Come, my evil Brain Sponge. We have brains... to sponge.

The Evil Manta tucks in his beloved son.

The Evil Manta has a plan for his Brain Sponge.

Ariel falls for the Evil Manta's trap.

Gloating over his success.

A strange tableau of a happy ending.

Features the song "Just Like Me".

The Evil Manta has various do-bad equipment in a Chamber of Evil, including an Evil Eye that seeks out good things to destroy.

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