Daring to Dream

Cook the Cook

Sebastian is part of the ensemble in animated TV series "Raw Toonage", in which he performs this fun party musical number with Chef Louis.

Many thanks to Joel for letting me know about this song!

Hello everybody!

Music's the food of life for me
Every song's a recipe
When I sing, man
Me heart takes wing, man

Music and the moon above
That's my recipe for love
So make it sweet
Turn up the heat

Flambe, bombe, sing like there's no tomorrow
Shake it, bake it, music will make it cook, cook, cook
Flambe, bombe, sing with the crock and tartar
Feel the fire, join the choir, cook, cook, cook

Let singing feed your soul
It's a spicy casserole
Come on and try it
It's good for your diet

Something's in the air
I'd best beware
I shudder
Lemon and butter

Flambe, bombe, who let that sous-chef in here
Shake me, wake me, don't bake me, look, no, no
Flambe, bombe, crab on the half shell grilling
Fry them, baste them, tomato paste them, cook, cook, cook

Oh man, don't crack this crab
Now I'm boiling mad
Gimme a break here
A song's at stake here

You messed up my ballad
It's time for chef salad
Or ratatouille
A la Louie

It's time to cook the cook
Cook the cook
What a concept
Cook the cook
Cook the cook
Cook the cook
Come on now
Cook the cook
Flambe, bombe, sing like there's no tomorrow
Celebrate, fill up your plate with cook, cook, cook
Bon appetite

This video was not uploaded by me. Feel free to let me know if the embed is not working.

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