Poor Unfortunate Souls (reprise)

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Poor Unfortunate Souls (reprise): Broadway Demo

This new Ursula song is part of the Broadway demo recording. If Poor Unfortunate Souls was Ursula's contract for Ariel, then this reprise is Ursula's hidden footnote. I'm guessing this new reprise was meant to be sung when Ursula was getting ready to transform into Vanessa and snatch Eric's attention away from Ariel, but the Vanessa subplot was dropped before the production made it to this stage, so this song wasn't used.

Thank you to Daniel for the correction!


Who'd have guessed that this was gonna be so easy?
Why, I would have done it sooner had I known
'Cause unless I'm very wrong
It won't be very long
Until my skinny bottom's on the throne

Oh, yes!
Let her have her bit of fun, the little hussy
After all, it's merely part of my design
Let her flitter all about
'Cause time is running out
And long before she's his, she will be mine

As for that poor unfortunate soul
Time's up! She's through
Sure, a contract is a contract
Fair is fair and blah blah blah
Well, guess what, boys?

That poor unfortunate soul
She'll learn, I don't lose
If she thinks for half a minute
This is gonna be a stroll
She can kiss my you-know-what
'Cause you-know-who is in control
Starting now, you bet your bippy
She's really in the hole
That poor unfortunate soul

Mascara, tiara, yea, winds of the tropics appear
Catharsis, lavorious, et qual manicurist mutato me here

Wait'll Ariel gets a load of me!

That poor unfortunate soul

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Poor Unfortunate Souls (reprise): Broadway Version

While the original Poor Unfortunate Souls was for Ariel, this Broadway reprise is for King Triton, as Ursula wheedles on him to sign the contract and save his daughter's soul. This a completely different version from the earlier written demo reprise, which is back up the page. Sherie Renee Scott does diva gloating extremely well.



Brother, darling, you're right on cue.

Give Ariel back to me.

Not on your life.

It so happens that your daughter signed a contract


Even drew a little heart above the "i"
Is it binding? Goodness, yes
Unbreakable, unless


There is a little something we could try

Go on.

Perhaps we could arrange a sort of trade-off


Maybe swap your daughter's soul for, say, your own?
Sign the scroll and set her free
Or else she comes with me
To suffer through eternity alone

The mute little hatchling drowning in her own sorrow, with no voice left to cry out your name. Well, I'm waiting.

It's not my soul you're after. It's my power.

Which would you rather be? The king of the sea or a father to his little girl? Finally! The oceans belong to me!

And now you poor unfortunate soul
Time's up, you're through
Now the power of Poseidon has been once again made whole
All the magic of the trident and the shell at my control
And now dark shall reign forever over ocean, sea and shoal

Now see for yourself how banishment feels!

You poor unfortunate soul

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Poor Unfortunate Souls (reprise): ABC Live! Version

Queen Latifah's Ursula in The Little Mermaid Live! gets a brand new, spiffy reprise, which is placed alongside Vanessa's reprise in the film. It's time for some (premature) celebrations, and Ursula's just getting warmed up.


And at last I'll get the life that I have longed for
All the glamour and glitter and the glitz
Not to mention, by the way
A great seafood buffet
I love my subjects literally to bits

As for those poor unfortunate souls
My reign, my rules
I'll employ delicious terror from the trenches to the shoals
And enjoy sadistic pleasures from the tropics to the poles
And oh boy, I'll get revenge with you-know-who in starring roles
Those poor unfortunate souls

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