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19 July 2020

Daring to Dream: I've updated the page for ABC's The Little Mermaid Live! concert with some images and info, and related to that added the lyrics and embeds for the songs of the production, i.e.: Fathoms Below, Daughters of Triton, Part of Your World, Part of Your World (reprise), Under the Sea, Poor Unfortunate Souls, Her Voice, Les Poissons, Kiss the Girl, If Only and Poor Unfortunate Souls (reprise). Over in the gallery, I've added scans from another movie adaptation ("Sebastian's Story"), two books ("Flounder's Gift" and "Ariel's Wish"), some excerpts ("Royally Fierce"), one Disney Princess story, a bunch of activity pages, assorted Disney Princess colouring pages and other colouring pages ("Friendship Colouring" and "Classics Colouring"). In the section about Other Mermaids, I've made pages for Xena: Warrior Princess and Blue My Mind. On the Expanded Universe Novels page, I added a mention of "Part of Your Nightmare", but that section is mostly empty since I haven't read the book yet.

Everlasting Vow: There's another sequel coming out this year so I've updated the story page to include a mention of it.

The Waterfalls: There's a bunch of updates in the gallery, namely scans from the "Big Golden Book", "The Voice of the Wind", a couple of activity pages, and some excerpts (from "Royally Fierce" and "Friends, Family, Fantastic").

14 October 2019

Daring to Dream: I've added a whole bunch of scans into the gallery, for two movie adaptation books ("Animated Classics" and "My First Bedtime Storybook"), three Lego Princess books ("Lost and Found", "The Friendship Bridge" and "The Secret Room"), the junior graphic novel "Ariel and the Sea Wolf", and a bunch of colouring pages from various Princess books and the Villains Colouring Book. Descendants 3 came out recently, so I've updated the Descendants page to include that, with some screencaps. Related, I've included the Descendants 3 soundtrack on the music page, and added lyrics pages for the songs that Uma performs on, namely: Night Falls, Break This Down, Dig a Little Deeper and Rotten to the Core - D3 Remix. I've also preemptively added mentions on the misc page for the upcoming The Little Mermaid Live! show which will air on ABC in November, plus the upcoming live-action film, though there are no pages for these media yet.

Everlasting Vow: I've updated the story page again, to add the latest film plus the 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray for the original film.

The Waterfalls: I've updated the gallery to include scans for a short story The Winter Journey, excerpts from "Top 10s: From Ariel to Rapunzel" and "Who's Who", plus some new activity pages.

24 February 2019

Daring to Dream: The film has a new release in conjunction with its 30th Anniversary, so I've updated the movie page to include info about the DVD/Blu-Ray/digital release and its extras. The group DCappella recovered a cover for this release, so I've added lyrics and audio samples for this Part of Your World and embedded the accompanying music video on the videos page. DCappella has also earlier recorded a Part of Your World/A Whole New World mash-up, so I added the lyrics and audio sample for that, too. I've made a page for the film Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet, because CGI Ariel makes an appearance in that one. Over in the gallery, I've added scans from three Lego Princess books, one Princess comic, and excerpts of The Castle Collection. For the section on other versions of TLM, I've made a page for the 2018 indie The Little Mermaid, and in the Other Mermaids section I've made a page for the series Tidelands.

The Waterfalls: CGI-fied Pocahontas made an appearance in the film Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet, so I made page for the film that has some info and images.

30 September 2018

Daring to Dream: A "Twisted Tales" book for The Little Mermaid just came out, so I've made a page for that and the "Villains" book in Expanded Universe Novels section (wasn't sure what else to call it, so here we are). I've made a long-overdue update to the characters page, which now includes as many TV series and prequel characters and their voice actors as I could manage. The Descendants franchise got a new short with Uma, so I've made a small update to the Descendants page to include that. Over in the gallery I've added scans from the books I am Ariel, Dinglehoppers and Thingamabobs, The Evilest of Them All and some new colouring pages. In the music section I've added lyrics and audio samples for Olivia Newton-John's Part of Your World and the Karaoke Series album. In the Other Mermaids sections there's new pages for Tangled: The Series, One Piece, The Legend of the Blue Sea, H2O: Mermaid Adventures, and My Fairy Tail Love Story.

The Waterfalls: I've added another Disney Princess short story, Lost and Found, to the gallery.

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