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Author: Annie

Title: A Princess of Two Worlds (complete)

Summary: Melody returns to Atlantica as a mermaid to save her mother. There she finds herself thrown into a whirlwind of disaster and destruction, courtesy of the Sorceress and her accomplice, the Evil Manta.

Title: Fallen Angel (complete)

Summary: This is a wistful stand-alone ficlet that's more of a vignette than an actual story, written as a fusion of the Disney version of The Little Mermaid and Hans Christian Andersen's original tale.

Author: ArielFan4ever

Title: Be Careful What You Wish For (complete)

Summary: When Melody thinks a trip to see relatives will be boring, she makes a wish on a shooting star for something unexpected to happen. When her wish comes true, what consequences will it bring with it?

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own any of the chars from TLM. They belong to Disney. I do however own Melody Noelle Coralsen, as well as any of her friends. God loves you.

A/N: This idea came to me late at night and I had to write it out! I hope everyone likes it!

Author: Aquisha

Title: Birthday Surprise (complete)

Hello everyone! Well, this is my first posted fanfic, and I hope you like it. I don't know about everyone else, but I have always been interested in stories about Ariel and Eric before Melody arrived. This story is an attempt at one of them.

It's three years after Ariel and Eric met, and two years into their marriage. Eric is turning twenty and his mother, Vivian has come from a neighboring kingdom to orchestrate what is turning out to be a big affair. At first, Ariel tries to keep Eric calm about the "lengths" to which his mother has gone in preparing for this party. But as the big event nears, it seems that it might be Ariel who cracks under the pressure.

That's basically it and like I said earlier, I hope you enjoy it!

Author: Bia

Title: Flying Fish (complete)

I was listening to several versions of "Part of your World" on near-endless repeat, literally swimming in Ariel's dilemma, until it occured to me that there are many, many fanfiction stories from Ariel's or Melody's point of view, even a few from Eric's or Ursula's - but nobody would look at Triton for another minute after his daughter had her happily ever after; and after a few more listenings this simply crystallized itself. I am aware that it's slightly out of character and completely un-canon; I took liberties with Triton's personality as well as disregarding the sequel. Other than that, have fun.

Title: Seagulls and Sunsets (complete)

Summary: A birth.

Author: Ellie

Title: It Takes Two to Tango (ongoing)
Here's my first fanfic. It's set when Melody is sixteen, and two years after TLM 2. Now sixteen and able to ascend her father's throne at any time, Melody is sent to her Grandfather Charles' castle to learn how to be a 'true princess without the running around' and that includes not visiting Atlantica! However, before she leaves, she meets a mysterious mermaid Harmony, who also begins to have troubles in her home. On top of everything, Ariel goes missing, Eric gets taken for ransom, and a rebellion starts up in Atlantica! Can Melody and Harmony work together to fix this mess, and save things they both love?

Author: hartbaby90

Title: Journey to Atlantica (complete)

This story is all about the power of love. Ariel, Eric, and Melody, return home to Atlantica for the summer and some unexpected events occur along the way. Melody a princess of land and sea has a diffcult choice to make but with the help of her friends and by following her heart she makes the decision. Read my story to find out what happens next with some surprise twists along the way.

Title: Arista's Boyfriend (complete)

Summary: Three months after Ariel has left the sea an already sad Arista has suddenly had her first and only love Luke break up with her. Through her sorrows she visits Ariel and Eric for the summer and meets Damon. Damon being the best friend of Eric and the palaces stable hand suddenly falls for the beautiful Arista. But will Arista feel the same way about him. Read Arista's boyfriend and find out.

Title: Malius (complete)

The story takes place with none of the events of the second movie. The only thing I kept is that Melody has already been born. There will be no Morgana or anything evil in this story, just pure goodness. Hope you enjoy it’s a little different from my other stories. Also it is just a shot story sorry guys don’t have time to write long stories anymore. This is a sequel to Aristas boyfriend, even though it is short.

Author: Jenna

Title: New Arrival (ongoing)

Author: Jerry533482

Title: Look Before You Leap

Summary: 5 years have gone by since the events of The Little Mermaid II. Triton passed away shortly after the wall was taken down, and Ariel is as protective as ever. But when she finally begins to relent and takes her daughter exploring beneath the waves, a series of events unfold that nearly claim Melody's life. But she survives, and is given the opportunity to change history.

Author: MermaidRaven

Title: The Real Ending to the Little Mermaid 2 (complete)

Hi everyone, This is my first try at a fanfiction and hope you like it and send me emails on how you liked it. I really did not like how the movie The Little Mermaid 2 ended so I made my own version of the way I thought it should have ended.

Title: Love Will Bring Her Back to the Sea (ongoing)

Author: Prince of Myths

Title: The Power of Love (ongoing)

Author: Rosa Cotton

Title: Secrets Kept (complete)

Author's Note: In celebration of the 2-disc special edition of The Little Mermaid now in stores, here is a little ficlet. Contains spoilers for the cute and smashes-canon-into-smithereens book Ariel’s Secret.

Summary: Once he had consumed the lore of the merpeople, but duties of the kingdom had abated his appetite. Now a casual exchange livens a six-year-old memory.

Title: Dis-cover-y: A Royal Lid's Story (complete)

Summary: An insider reports on the first meal shared by a mute girl, a love-distracted prince and his chiding advisor.

Title: Felt Instead of Heard (complete)

Author's Note: After seeing clips of The Little Mermaid musical I got inspired. Be forewarned this contains major spoilers regarding the show.

Summary: Will he understand this time?

Title: Enough (complete)

Summary: AU. In spite of her father's embittered grudge, and her own loss, a little mermaid's curiosity in the world above is reborn.

Title: Finished (complete)

Summary: AU. He awaits an enemy's judgment, choosing to give his life to satisfy another's anger. Alone - except for memories. Sequel to "Enough."

Title: Coldness and Burning (complete)

Summary: In the aftermath of the boat ride on the lagoon, there are discoveries about fire and heartbreaking apologies.

Title: More Than a Song (complete)

Summary: While searching for his "mysterious voice," Eric has an interesting encounter. AUish.

Author: Sabelina

The Wish, The Search, and The Promise, are a three part story of how the new aged Ariel and Eric meet and what happened to the really love birds.

Title: The Wish (ongoing)

17 year old Ariella Lorelei Meriana has an obsession, but not with what the average teenager in this world has: a grate love for …, mermaids! It’s not like she likes merpeople exist, but with bright long red hair, sparkling blue eyes, talents for swimming and singing, a love for ocean and a name taken for the little mermaid, you would think she would. And of course she doing anything not the believe it.Now a mysterious boy has come in to her life that might put her faith back into merpeople. Not that this mystery boy (Eric “Mac” Michelle) is just the average teen. No he’s a merman, and not just a merman, but the crowd prince of Adentica. This happened to be taking place now, almost 257 year after Ariel and Eric got married. The holiday which in merworld called Land and Sea Day or others called E.A. Day because of the grate love those two shared for each other. But there are other things that are going on: where is Sara (“Mac’s” little sister), who is Vanessa. What do the families know, but there not telling?

Author: Selena3

Title: Breach of Peace (ongoing)

Summary: Things seem to finally be clearing up for Ariel and her family, but someone is still trying to destroy their Happily Ever After.

Author: Seth

Title: The Book of Descendants (ongoing)

Summary: This is a comming of age story about Caleb Ross. He is Ariel and Erics Decendant in the year 2136. Read on as he travels the world as an archaeology student, trying to figue out his family's secret. Also read what happend to Atlantica, Ariel, Eric, Melody and more in The Book of Decendants.

Author: Simon Scriba

Title: Guardian of the Seven Seas (complete)

The light is shining // A flame on the wind // Salvation begins

Author's Note: This story is a work of my own except for the first chapter, with a few exceptions of some new details I placed in it. I have only used Annie’s 1st chapter as an opening, for I have never had much luck with openings in stories like this one.  And if for some reason that you think I have stolen ideas from Annie’s work when you see similarities, I assure you all similarities other than the 1st chapter are purely coincidental.  I hope you will enjoy my writing.  Feedback would be nice, so you can Email me at Have fun!

This is a story of past and future, of destiny and fate, of magic, adventure, and salvation as Ariel, Melody, Eric and all their family and friends have yet another adventure in a race against time to save the sea. It is a year after the events of The Little Mermaid II, when there seems to be peace and plenty in the land. But now, as Ariel and Eric and their daughter, Melody, celebrate, their peace is disturbed by an evil sea enchantress and an evil army who is after a power greater that any other under the sea and whose goal is undivided domination over the land and ocean. In the midst of almost being captured, Melody comes across the most mysterious of allies. That ally is Korcano, a young warrior prince with a hollow past who is last surviving of the Wharkanta, a race on the verge of total extinction. Driven by the determination to avenge the destruction of his race at the hands of the enchantress's forces and hardened by years of fighting to stay alive, Korcano is Melody's only hope of saving her mother when Ariel and Korcano both fall victim to a deadly plot. As Melody, Korcano, and all their friends race against time to save Ariel and Korcano and to stop the enchantress and her legions, an ancient prophecy, enforced by a powerful warlord Wharkanta spirit, unfolds. And Melody, her destiny intertwined with Korcano's, becomes the only one who can save the seven seas and restore harmony to all before it's too late.

I'm sure you have all seen that there are tons of new names along with tons of new characters in this fic. I can relate if you are wondering how they are sounded out. Hope this helps.
Korcano: (cor-can-oh)
Vassandra: (ve-sandra)
Typhon Lesiris: (ti-fin leh-siriss)
Turok Daragon: (ter-ock dare-a-gone)
Jango Rendar: (jang-go rend-are)
Freedon Jabin: (free-den jab-en)
Exar Cronos: (ex-are crone-os)
Noob Saibot: (nu-b si-bot)
Morcalavin: (mor-cal-a-ven)
Adon: (ay-dawn)
Seusquehana: (soo-s-kyoo-hawn-ah)

Author: Stéphanie

Title: Reflections at the Waterfront (complete)

Summary: What did Ariel think before her father turned her into a human being?

Acknowledgement: Nathalia Mueller who criticizes me when necessary, admires me when I deserve it, and for translating this FanFic! Thank you so much, dear!

Author: Sue

Title: The Return of the Sea Witch (ongoing)

Notes: This fic was inspired by the Guardian fic, which is a great piece of work. I used my own opening, and any coincidences between my fic and any others on this page are just coincidences, unless I borrowed them.

Intro: The setting of the story is a few years after the events of TLM2. When everything in Ariel, Melody and Eric’s world is peaceful and perfect during the planning of a surprise party for Ariel, something’s amiss in the ocean. The problem is the return of the first and worst villain the sea has ever encountered, Ursula the Sea Witch. Re-animated by a long-lost magic only her family knows about, the Witch brings back with her a new crew of baddies (including her jealous sister, Morgana,) and a new plan to conquer the Trident, the ocean, and destroy King Triton and everyone in his line of descendants. The only hope for the lives of so many innocents is a mysterious female Verviscano (vehr-VIS-ka-no) soldier named Naomi, who rescues Ariel at her crashed surprise party by the villains and amazes everyone with her power of electricity and skills in combat. Naomi brings in a couple of her friends from her hometown to help in the battle.

It’s my first try at writing fic, so I hope you enjoy it, and any thoughts, questions or comments should be posted on Annie’s site and addressed to Sue B.

Author: WickedElphie

Title: Bittersweet Symphony (ongoing)

Summary: When Ariel is kidnapped Eric and some old friends, led by a mysterious mermaid with secrets of her own, set off to find her. When both allies and enemies wear familiar faces and nothing is as it appears to be, can love conquer all, or are Ariel, Eric, and everyone dear to them in for an ocean of trouble?

Feel free to send in your own stuff. Check out the submissions page.

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