Memorable Moments

Thumbelina: Now if only I can get to the shore before those awful toads come back...
Jacquimo: You mean before you go over ze waterfall?
Thumbelina: What waterfall?
Jacquimo: Zat waterfall!
Thumbelina faints. FAINTS!
Cornelius asks his parents to delay the winter frost. Boy has strong feelings, y'all.
Thumbelina meets up with Mr Beetle and his amazing feelers!

Mr Beetle: Hiya, toots!
Thumbelina: I'm not your toots!

Mr Beetle goes on and on with praise on Thumbelina and ends up calling his own hand "delicious".

This, along with the sequence later on (when Thumbelina gets depressed after being called "ugly") may make her seem narcissistic, but I see it as Thumbelina being insecure about herself, especially because of the whole thing with her being the "wrong" size.

The entire Beetle Ball sequence. The jazzy song, the animation, EVERYTHING! I also love the fact that the beetles were each animated individually, instead of being clones of one another.
Mr Beetle: Don't worry, you'll get over me.
Grundel's brothers tease him about Thumbelina giving him the slip.
Jacquimo's persistance in finding the Vale of the Fairies for Thumbelina is adorable. (I have a theory that he, along with just about every other male in the vicinity, is secretly in love with Thumbelina, which explains why he's doing so much for her.)
Jacquimo's insistence gets him into trouble with a thorn in his wing. Ouch!
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