Memorable Moments

Thumbelina enjoys the feel of the sun on her face. She was born in a flower, you know.
The classic pose of Thumbelina riding on the back of the swallow.
Arrival at the Vale of the Fairies.

Thumbelina: This is it? It looks like a patch of old weeds.

Got to be my favourite scene right here. Chills and squee.
Prince Cornelius makes a dramatic entrance.
Thumbelina: You... It's you! Prince Cornelius, you're alive!
Reunited AT LAST!

Cornelius: Will you marry me?

Thumbelina gets her wings.

Thumbelina: Wings! I have wings! My very own wings!

The wedding, speeding off into the (sunset?) on bumble.
Jacquimo put it perfectly...

Jacquimo: And zey lived happily ever after.... *happy sigh*

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