Memorable Moments

Thumbelina: How can I marry Mr Mole? I don't love him!
Ms Fieldmouse: Love? Love is what we read about in books, my dear.
Mr Beetle: How can I look for the Prince without my wings? See if I had my wings, I'd be able to fly and get the Prince and be back in two seconds...
Other beetle: Hey, Beetle! It's the Prince!
Mr Beetle: Oh, the Prince! Somebody up there loves me!
Thumbelina: Maybe I should marry the Mole. He could take care of me, he could.

Thumbelina slowly gives up hope.

Another powerful scene. Jacquimo rambles on and on about love, following your heart and finding the prince, oblivious to how much he's hurting Thumbelina.

Thumbelina: Stop it, Jacquimo, stop it!

The Jitterbugs help melt the ice that's trapped Cornelius.
Thumbelina has flashbacks to Cornelius during her wedding to Mr Mole. Who needs the actual prince to come storming in to stop the ceremony when visions of him singing are enough? Another creative use of song in the movie.
Thumbelina: Never.
Priest: What?
Thumbelina: Never!
Priest: I beg your pardon!
Thumbelina: I cannot marry Mr Mole. I don't love him!
Ms Fieldmouse: Thumbelina!
Grundel: You marry me!
Thumbelina: I no marry you, I go home!
Cornelius battles it out with Grundel. Despite his efforts Cornelius doesn't get to accomplish much, which is kinda understandable because this is Thumbelina's journey, but here he gets some direct satisfaction.
Thumbelina: Oh...

Thumbelina sees the sun for the first time since winter started.

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