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Memorable Moments

The Swan Princess: Page 1

The first time Derek sees Odette.
And vice versa. (She was such an adorable baby!)
King William and Queen Uberta get into a mutual agreement to fix up their children. Uberta is particularly gleeful about the brilliance of the plan.
Rothbart: “One day everything you own... everything you love... will be mine!”
Queen Uberta: “Welcome to our fair kingdom, King William. And to you, young princess.”

Derek's facial expression in this scene is too precious.

Derek: “Hello, Princess Odette. I'm very pleased to meet you.”
Odette: “Pleased to meet you, Prince Derek.”

Somehow these words just don't get the same feeling when written down. You've got to hear them for yourself.

Fake smiles anyone?
That drawing is just too cute.

Bunny ears. How original.

By the way, Odette looks absolutely gorgeous at this age, with that dress and that hairdo. I might even go as far to say that she looks better here as a teen than she does as an adult.

Odette flirts with the castle guards. A skillful maiden, ain't she?
And she proves it yet again by getting her revenge on Derek for humiliating her the year (?) before.
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