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Memorable Moments

The Swan Princess: Page 6

Rothbart: “I thought I heard... voices.”

Nice cover by Jean-Bob.

Rothbart gets all pumpy-fisty and cheerful once Odette gives him the "news". Quite good acting on Rothbart's part. Not Odette's. She's a terrible liar.
Odette: “If you want to stop me... you're going to have to kill me.”

Rothbart does one-armed push-ups.

Trivia: Jack Palace, who voices Rothbart, did one-armed push-ups at the Academy Awards Show when he won Best Supporting Actor for City Slickers. I happened to catch that on telly.

Rothbart's "magic trick" with Wesley the elusive 100-point White Rabbit.
Play that funky music! Rogers and Uberta get jiggy with it.
The Hag's head on Odette's body. A disturbing sight, really.
The Hag becomes Odette's double. I actually like that black and red outfit. It has more personality than Odette's flowy white ones.
Uberta hoping to make a fashion statement by putting roses in her hair. And what a head of hair it is... She must use tonnes of styling gel.
Derek goes on a swan kick once he gets back to the castle. Nobody seems to share his enthusiasm. It's as close to Cloud 9 as we ever see him.

Derek: “Has anyone seen Bromley?”
Uberta: “Nobody knows where he is.”
Derek: “Really? Who's going to be my best man?”

Derek lets it out that he's found his The One. As a side note, this carefree questioning of Bromley's disappearance doesn't seem important, but it does turn out to be major later on. So that was nice foreshadowing there by the moviemakers.

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