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Memorable Moments

The Swan Princess: Page 2

Odette and Derek contemplate their bad luck at being thrown together every summer.
That boy sure can pout!
After years of bickering and fighting, Odette and Derek finally learn to see each other in a different light...

Derek: “Arrange the marriage!”

And as the crowd begins to cheer...

Odette: “Wait!”

Odette asks the million dollar question and Derek's answer is...

Derek: “What else is there...?”

Wrong answer, pretty boy.
She knows that Derek loves her, but she just needs to be sure of the why.
King William dies... Leaving behind only a cryptic message.
Rogers: “You should write a book. ‘How to Insult Women in Five Syllables or Less’.”

Derek is asked to explain his feelings about Odette.

Derek: “It's like... you know... how about... and then... Am I right?”

Our boy ain't that articulate.

Rothbart: “This kind of thing doesn't give me any pleasure. Well, maybe a little bit.”
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