Memorable Moments (6)

Meeko hides from Percy on a moose.

Moose! Hee! I'm easily amused.

I wonder if he's related to Rutt and Tuke, eh?
Powhatan checks on the girls out in the cornfield, where Pocahontas is wee bit distracted.
Powhatan talks about Pocahontas' mother. Awww!
John Smith appears in the cornfield looking for Pocahontas, and he's well-prepared for Flit's attack. XD
Pocahontas: What are you doing here?

No words can do this scene justice. It just has to be watched the way it is. :D

Kocoum: Pocahontas can't keep running off, it's dangerous out there. Tell her that. She listens to you.

Nakoma: Sure she does.

Nakoma is not impressed.
John attempts to explain to Pocahontas about gold.

John Smith: It's yellow, it comes out of the ground, it's really valuable.

John Smith: I've never really belonged anywhere.
Pocahontas: You could belong here.
Grandmother Willow appears before John Smith.

John Smith: Pocahontas, a tree's talking to me.
Pocahontas: You should talk back.
Grandmother Willow checks John Smith out and apparently likes what she sees.
Ben and Lon are spooked out by the forest.

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