Memorable Moments (7)

Pocahontas: What am I doing? I shouldn't see him again. But I want to see him again.

Grandmother Willow: Who wouldn't? I want to see him again.
Kocoum proudly announces the arrival of their warrior neighbours, while Pocahontas looks on in horror.
John Smith: Keep both eyes open. You'll see twice as well.
Ratcliffe and Smith finally face-off.
Nakoma tries to talk Pocahontas out of going to see John Smith again.

Nakoma: You go out there, you're turning your back on your own people.

Grandmother Willow talks about ripples, and choosing the right path, even if it's not the easiest one.
Pocahontas is ecstatic that John wants to talk peace with her father. They have a moment of intimacy, not knowing that they're being watched...
Kocoum lets out all that rage.
Thomas chooses his target.

Both eyes open.
Smith bears the brunt of their anger at Kocoum's death.

Powhatan: At sunrise he will be the first to die!
Powhatan, usually a loving father, is now an angered Chief.

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