Memorable Moments (2)

Meeko and Flit, adorable sidekicks.
The girls check out Kocoum.

Nakoma: Oh, he's so handsome.
Pocahontas: Yes, I especially love his smile.

Pocahontas' expression is priceless.

Pocahontas greets her father. Awww! (Look, affecionate parent-child relationships are my Kryptonite.
Chief Powhatan tells his daughter about Kocoum's proposal, but all Pocahontas can do is smile awkwardly.
Meeko's impersonation of Kocoum.
Chief Powhatan reminds Pocahontas of his life philosophy in the reprise of Steady as the Beating Drum.
Pocahontas counters her father's life philosophy with her own: Just Around the Riverbend.
Grandmother Willow tells Pocahontas to listen with her heart to the guiding spirits all around her.
Pocahontas and Meeko set eyes on the Susan Constant pulling into shore.
Wiggins: Do you think we'll meet some savages?
Ratcliffe: If we do, we shall be sure to give them a proper English greeting.
Wiggins: Oooh, gift baskets!

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