Memorable Moments (4)

Pocahontas stalks John Smith through the long grass.
John leaps out from behind the waterfall, gun raised.
The classic shot. Pocahontas fades into view through the mist, something grand, proud and almost otherworldly in her appearance.
Even John Smith, who thought he'd seen everything worth seeing, pauses.

Their eyes meet, and something passes between them.

John sees but doesn't understand. Not yet.
Pocahontas tries to flee, but John goes after her. He offers her his hand, something I feel he's never offered before, not like this.
When their hands meet, the spirits approve.
Pocahontas: My name is Pocahontas.

If only it were that easy to learn a new language, eh?

Wiggins' charming topiary animals. (UNICORN!)
Natives versus English settlers, Round One.
Thomas trips and falls during the fracas, leading Ratcliffe to rip him a new one.
Powhatan: These beasts invade our shores, and now this.

Powhatan declares the white men off-limits, but little does he know what his daughter is up to.

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